Obligatory Introductions

I read a number of articles just before starting this blog that said the opinion of the millennial generation does not matter. As much as us young folk would like to think we have suggestions worth listening to, we’re just not experienced enough to be entitled to a voice in national conversation. Hell maybe they’re right, but that isn’t stopping me from bloviating into the ether and sharing opinions that no one asked for.  This is the internet age; I can write what I want and no one is making you agree with it.

Instead of harassing my fiancé or disinterested friends with political rants and discussion of news, I’ll spew them forth here. I’ll write on this blog or share a few articles, see if it gets people to think about issues in a new way and hope nothing I write here ruins my chances at a future job.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to everyone’s constructive feedback. 


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