Radio Interview on Talking Back with Shannon Joy

Radio interview on Talking Back with Shannon Joy (Listen to the full thing here. About an hour-long with commercials)

UPDATE: Previous link seemed to be broken, this one requires you to download the podcast and doesn’t work with Chrome. Sorry!

You might be a libertarian
You too might be a libertarian!

Went on my first radio show on September 12th! The show is called Talking Back with Shannon Joy, a local conservative talk radio show for people in Rochester. A self-described libertarian (“Conservo-libertarian”), Shannon wanted to have me on to talk about libertarianism and provide more of an insider view/introduction on the topic for her conservative audience. It was an interesting and fun experience! We spoke briefly about the minimum wage (though I would have liked to expanded upon the topic), had a great discussion about the War on Drugs which lead to me describing the difference between being a libertine and a libertarian, a brief bout to NSA/Restore the Fourth issues, and why Libertarians are so “Passionate” and “Principled.” Or crazy and stubborn if you want to be an ass about it.  It ended with an analysis that the GOP could garner more young supporters that disillusioned with both parties right now by going in a more libertarian direction (As indicated by a recent FreedomWorks survey.) Otherwise the GOP risks losing these voters again to Democrats or *gasp* the Libertarian Party!

I’ve never done a radio interview before so I was very nervous and made a couple of mistakes. A few will go away with practice; like saying “I think” which makes my statements sound less authoritative or saying “you know” which is a some kind of obnoxious verbal tic I get when I’m nervous or going into a long-winded/ not totally thought out explanation.

I was also told that I was a little defensive about the personal drug use thing. Maybe. But here’s why: Whenever someone advocates for the legalization of drugs, the anti-drug crowd generally assumes that I’m a user and want to give legal and moral sanction to my behavior. That’s not why I’m in favor of legalization. For me it has more to do with over-criminalization of victimless behavior, cost to taxpayers, and the racial disparity in drug prosecution. I was able to focus on the former two for this show in the hopes the conservative crowd, like Shannon, would ultimately cede ground to this issue and realize that the War on Drugs is far more destructive than the pitfalls of decriminalization or legalization. I’m hoping my advocacy comes off as genuine concern for the welfare of society rather than hedonism.

I couldn’t remember during the show if there had in fact been an interracial marriage controversy in the last year and what came of it. As it turns out, it was in 2011 in Kentucky. Had to look it up later to make sure.

There’s a million other things buzzing through my head right now as I continue to over-analyze this, but I’m sure that too will go away as I do more of these. They said they enjoyed the discussion and felt like we “barely scratched the surface.”

Please click on the link of the full interview and tell me what you think. I might get asked to do a few more shows and appreciate any constructive feedback you can give! Thanks.


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