Don’t Trust Polls

Why do we still using polling for debates anyway? You’re probably already well aware that Rand Paul will not be in the included in the main stage debate tonight on Fox Business network. Whether you’re a libertarian greeting the news with disappointment or schadenfreude, a discussion on whether polls are appropriate measurements of debate inclusion. … More Don’t Trust Polls

Does forcing the homeless into shelters help them?

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new homeless policy may hurt the people it’s trying to protect Last week, Andrew Cuomo issued a new¬†Executive Order saying that local police, state services, and social services must¬†force homeless people into shelters when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Setting aside the legality of the mandate, I’m sure Governor Cuomo is … More Does forcing the homeless into shelters help them?

Does Gary Johnson understand Libertarianism?

Gary Johnson’s odd, unlibertarian approach to Burqas leaves some libertarians confused I’ve been really excited for Gary Johnson to get in this race, but his highly anticipated campaign got off to bit of a weird start. From Johnson’s interview with Nick Gillepsie at Reason: Surprisingly for a libertarian, Johnson, who recently resigned as the CEO … More Does Gary Johnson understand Libertarianism?