Are States Required to Follow the Constitution?

I started writing this a few months ago in response to an ill-conceived bill in North Carolina to establish Christianity as the official state religion. Bill supporters assert that the First Amendment only restricts Congress from establishing a religion, so they could do what they want. Legal or not, HJR 494 was a terrible idea … More Are States Required to Follow the Constitution?

Duverger’s Law

As I mentioned in my last post, libertarianism is once again making a dent on the national conversation or at least a few of us are coming around to make some noise. Our movement seems to be growing but what the hell do we do with it? Do we take our new found members, our … More Duverger’s Law

Conversion Stories

Apparently libertarianism is becoming a thing. Huzzah, we’ve broken into the mainstream Media! The libertarian leg of the Republican Party has become much more influential over the last two years and I can’t help but think it’s great. Whether existing politicians are shifting their positions or new people are participating in the public policy process … More Conversion Stories